[On-Demand Webinar] Automating Cloud Security with Open Policy Agent

Checking infrastructure as code, such as Terraform, for security and compliance before infrastructure deployment is becoming a critical part of the DevSecOps toolkit. Open Policy Agent (OPA) is an open source policy as code framework commonly used validating Kubernetes and public cloud compliance.  

In this webinar, Dave Williams (Cloud Architect at New Light Technologies), Carl Alleyne, (Senior DevSecOps Engineer at New Light Technologies), and Josh Stella (cofounder and CTO at Fugue) show how cloud engineers can leverage OPA, Terraform, Regula and other open source tools for cloud security and compliance.

They'll cover:

  • Understanding OPA and getting started with cloud infrastructure policy as code
  • Checking Terraform pre-deployment for policy violations using Regula, an open source tool that uses OPA 
  • Integrating policy as code into CI/CD 



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I’m seeing a lot of cloud configuration errors in the real world —and it’s scaring the hell out of me.

David Linthicum Chief Cloud Strategy Officer, Deloitte Consulting