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The cloud is radically different from the data center, and keeping it secure requires thinking differently about the problem. Throw in Internet-of-Things (IoT), cloud-native architecture, and edge computing, and IT security can start to look downright alien to many.

In this Cloud Security Masterclass session, Josh Stella, Fugue CTO, talks with Greg McCord, Global Head of Information Security at CalAmp, the leading provider of IoT applications, cloud services, data intelligence, and networked telematics, and the company behind LoJack.

About this Cloud Security Masterclass:

  • A one-hour video session with open chat and Q&A throughout
  • Strategic approaches and technical considerations for cloud security 
  • This is for cloud architects; security engineers; DevOps; IT professionals

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Greg McCord


Josh Stella



Greg McCord

Global Head of Information Security, CalAmp

Greg has over 18 years in information security experience serving financial, technology, and government industries as both a veteran and in a private capacity. His focus is on global information security, privacy, and compliance for CalAmp products, applications, and cloud solutions.

Josh Stella

CTO and Co-founder, Fugue

Josh is co-founder and CTO of Fugue, the company delivering cloud infrastructure security and compliance. Previously, Josh was a Principal Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS), where he supported customers in the area of national security. Prior to Fugue, Josh served as CTO for a technology startup and in numerous other IT leadership and technical roles over the past 25 years.