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The cloud has radically changed the IT security landscape. The vulnerability surface is different. Attackers operate differently. And how you go about keeping your data safe needs to be different. 

Engineers own the security of their cloud infrastructure  — and that’s good news because it’s a problem tailor-made for engineers to tackle.

We developed this cloud security handbook to help you better understand the nature of cloud misconfiguration and think more critically about securing your use cases. 

Begin turning cloud security and compliance into an advantage by moving faster and more securely than your competitors can.

This handbook goes in-depth on:

  • How cloud security is different from data center security
  • How hackers changed strategy in the cloud
  • The nature of the cloud misconfiguration problem
  • Cloud infrastructure compliance and policy-as-code
  • Applying DevSecOps to cloud infrastructure
  • Effective management of cloud misconfiguration
  • Measuring your success with cloud security

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