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The recent Twitch breach may have begun with a lone server misconfiguration, but its blast radius reached everything from sensitive customer data to source code for yet-to-be-released applications. Today’s cloud attacks don’t exploit a single misconfiguration, but rather a series of them. 

In this Cloud Security Masterclass, Josh Stella, Co-Founder and CEO, will walk through a process for understanding the blast radius of a variety of potential security events in your environment, and steps you can take to prevent minor ones from becoming catastrophic breaches. 

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Josh Stella

Co-Founder, CEO

Josh Stella is co-founder, CTO, and CEO of Fugue, the company transforming cloud security to help teams move faster and stay secure. Through Fugue's masterclasses, Josh educates cloud and security professionals about cloud misconfiguration exploits and how to keep cloud infrastructure secure from attackers—often by demonstrating exploits in real time as a white hat hacker.