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Enterprise cloud environments are built on security design failure—and hackers are exploiting these failures every day. You simply can’t monitor your way out of this problem.

The #1 cloud risk is the control plane APIs. When security is focused solely on preventing entry points into a cloud environment, defenders need to get it right 100% of the time. Attackers only need to get lucky once. A close examination of real-world cloud breaches shows that the security industry is approaching the problem all wrong, and these exploits will continue unabated until we change our thinking and focus on inherently-secure cloud design.

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Josh Stella

Co-Founder, CEO

Josh Stella is co-founder, CTO, and CEO of Fugue, the company transforming cloud security to help teams move faster and stay secure. Through Fugue's masterclasses, Josh educates cloud and security professionals about cloud misconfiguration exploits and how to keep cloud infrastructure secure from attackers—often by demonstrating exploits in real time as a white hat hacker.