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To keep your cloud data secure from hackers, you have to start thinking like one.

Today’s attackers have a vast toolbox for stealing your data. Automation finds gaps in your security posture that provide access to your environment. And cloud misconfigurations enable them to locate and extract data without detection.

Don’t expect compliance rules to flag these for you, because they often don’t.

It’s time you started looking at your cloud environment from a fresh perspective — that of a hacker who’s out to exploit vulnerabilities you aren’t aware of.

In this Cloud Security Masterclass, Fugue CTO Josh Stella helps you get into the mindset of an attacker probing your cloud environment. You’ll learn how to spot previously-missed vulnerabilities and determine the blast radius of your cloud security gaps.

About this Cloud Security Masterclass

  • A one-hour live video session with open chat and Q&A throughout
  • Hands-on demonstrations using tools such as the AWS Console and Command Line
  • A fun, interactive learning session, no boring webinar powerpoints

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Josh Stella

Co-founder and CTO


Josh Stella

Co-founder and CTO, Fugue

Josh is co-founder and CTO of Fugue, the company delivering cloud infrastructure security and compliance. Previously, Josh was a Principal Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS), where he supported customers in the area of national security. Prior to Fugue, Josh served as CTO for a technology startup and in numerous other IT leadership and technical roles over the past 25 years.