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In order to keep your cloud data secure, you have to get inside the minds of those seeking to breach it. 

In his first Cloud Security Masterclass session on Thinking Like A Hacker, Josh Stella explored who cloud attackers are, what motivates them, and the tools and methods they use to exploit our cloud environments and data. 

In Part 2, Josh is going to simulate two real-world cloud misconfiguration attacks to demonstrate in real-time how these methods work in evading datacenter security approaches and take advantage of common cloud misconfigurations that compliance standards miss.

You’ll learn how these hacks go down, and how to spot previously-missed vulnerabilities and determine the blast radius of your cloud security gaps.

About this Cloud Security Masterclass

  • A one-hour live video session with open chat throughout, and extra time for Q&A following the main session
  • Hands-on demonstrations of real-time cloud exploits using tools such as the AWS Console and Command Line
  • A fun, interactive learning session (no boring PowerPoint webinars here!)