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As more organizations accelerate adoption of cloud, they face increasing risk due to infrastructure misconfiguration. The longer these vulnerabilities are left unattended, the greater the risk of a critical security breach. 

In this webinar, Fugue's Founder & CTO Josh Stella discusses:

  • What is Cloud Misconfiguration? Cloud misconfiguration events aren't security events, but they can lead to them. Learn about different types of misconfiguration and why they're so pervasive
  • The Risk of Long MTTRs - Learn about the automated threats to cloud infrastructure and why it's critical to achieve a Mean Time to Remediation measured in minutes, not hours or days
  • How to Handle Misconfiguration - How to better align your DevOps and Security teams to automate prevention of misconfiguration with policy as code validation and enforcement

Deep dive into misconfiguration risk and how to prevent them

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